Our Story

It all started a couple of years ago when I moved into my new apartment home on the 4th floor. I had just purchased an expensive home fitness program that was going to help me in my weight loss and muscle building journey. Three days into my exercise routine, I found an envelope squished underneath my front door reading "MANAGEMENT NOTICE". I quickly opened the letter to find the following comments "This is your first warning as a result of a noise complaint from your neighbors due to excessive floor stomping... Be courteous to your neighbors and cease any activities that could be creating this disturbance in order to prevent eviction actions..." I was shocked but thought it was just a standard template that was sent to anyone in the building for any silly reason. Nonetheless, I decided to purchase some thick interlocking foam mats to try and solve the problem. But I quickly realized that these cheap mats have a really hard time staying together and ended-up returning them after a few attempts. I went on with my exercise routing for about a week, and surely, strike two! I got a second letter. That was the end of my liberating home workout experience and had now officially thrown cash down the drain.


As a natural problem solver, I started by understanding if I was alone in this and what had worked for others. I went through dozens of Reddit posts, blogs, and YouTube discussions and found hundreds of people facing the same issue.

The most common recommendations from people experiencing this issue being: 

1) Stalk your neighbors to see when they are not home and use that time to exercise OR

 2) Change your workout program to something that has no jumping, weight or is less vigorous. In other words... don't workout. 


Unacceptable. In the coming months, I bought all types of fitness mats available in the market to see if someone had solved this problem. I encountered many false claims and cheap foams disguised as durable and noise reducing products.  

Enter, The Original Mat.  After working through many prototypes with different suppliers, we've finally found the winning recipe for the perfect large exercise mat and large yoga mat. One that is durable, provides a large surface area and thickness to protect your joints, has slip resistant characteristics, and best of all, it is light weight and suitable for indoor and the outdoors workouts.

Torn between purchasing an exercise mat vs yoga mat? These mats have allowed me to turn my home and the park into my own GYM and yoga studio, instantly. And so, now it is time for me to share this gift with you. The gift of freedom! to own your workouts without noise complaints.

                          Let your roar be heard and unleash yourself!

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